card_2Freewill Baptist Church, Chepachet

Dear Mr. Bell,

I am writing on behalf of our church to thank you and the l’Esperance Mandolin Ensemble for giving the wonderful and beautiful concert yesterday afternoon as part of our Music at the Meeting House spring concert series. I am so happy that we had a good audience for you and I am sure you could tell by their response that they thoroughly enjoyed the whole afternoon. Your explaining the different instruments was a big plus – thank you.

Sincerely, Kathryn “Kay”

Newman Congregational Church, East Providence

Josh Bell is certainly an accomplished musician and a very nice person. I thoroughly enjoyed the service where his orchestra performed. I too noticed his approach to the children and how he let them handle the instruments. His warm demeanor can only encourage a user friendly attitude between children and music. The orchestra performance was really lovely sounding to the listening ear. I had the opportunity to speak with Josh and some of the musicians in Memorial Hall after the service to personally thank them. The fact that they love what they do really shows! Would enjoy seeing them perform again in the future. Their talent is such a visible gift from God.

card_1Stone Ridge, Connecticut

Dear Mr. Bell,

Thank you for the lovely concert at Stone Ridge. It was truly a delightful Springtime Serenade. You introduced us to the world of mandolins. The program demonstrated the versitility and beauty of the instrument and the skill and artistry of the disciplined members of the ensemble.

Paul and Corinne

Newman Congregational Church, East Providence

Add my appreciation; especially enjoyed the way he interacted with the kids, letting them hold an instrument etc. Very nice.


Newman Congregational Church, East Providence

The music added a very spiritual dimension to the worship. It was a delightful addition to our service.

City of East Providence – Public Library System

Dear Joshua and Ensemble Members:

One of the things that I love most about public libraries is how we recognize and support the role of music and the arts in the quality of life of our communities. Thank you so much for your efforts in putting together an excellent program and uplifting concert yesterday. Our audience of 80 could not have been more pleased. Many of them could not leave without first thanking me for providing them with such a marvelous afternoon.

Again, thank you for your dedication to the music of the mandolin, and your williness to perform for the public library community. Your concert ensures that the broad range of cultural activity we offer our patrons will always include the work of local musicians!


Joyce B. May
Adult Services Librarian
Weaver Library