Meet the Mandolin – a great instrument for new musicians and experienced players looking for a new way to enjoy making music with other people. Come join us for an great evening of music, learning and just plain fun.

The Knapp School of music is offering a free “Meet the Mandolin Workshop” at 7:00 on Tuesday September 29. The workshop will feature traditional folk tunes and the role of the mandolin in music around the world. An instrument will be provided or you can bring your own.

Tuesday, September 29, 7:00 p.m.
The Wakefield Neighborhood Guild
325 Columbia Street, Wakefield, RI 02879
(401) 345-6930

Fill out the form below or call (401) 345-6930 to reserve a time and an instrument.

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risd_joshJoshua Bell, musical director of the l’Esperance Mandolin Ensemble, began his musical life as an absolutely dreadful french horn player and didn’t really discover that there was any hope for a successful musical experience until he began playing mandolin. A member of the Providence Mandolin Orchestra since its founding, he was named concertmaster of the orchestra in 1982. He also performs with Pandora, specializing in chamber works for mandolins and guitar and the Outhouse Shouters, a traditional American string band. He has been a featured performer with the Het Concert in Zwolle, the Netherlands; Ensemble Roggenstein in Munich, Germany; the Orchestra de Mandolines de Toulouse, France; the North American Ensemble in Washington, DC, the Takoma Mandoleers in Virginia, the Valleyview Mandolin Ensemble in Maine, the American Guitar and Mandolin Orchestra and the Classical Mandolin Society of America.

Now an active teacher with students across Southern New England, he focuses on providing musical opportunity to people of all ages and musical backgrounds. The mandolin is an opportunity instrument. Anyone with modest dexterity and reasonable time for practice can develop their unique musical gifts, join with other mandolinists and experience the unique pleasure of making music with other people.