Welcome to Meet the Mandolin. This on-line tutorial shows you an easy, but powerful system for learning to play the mandolin in 8 weeks.
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Sarah Parr on stage with L'Esperance at Fargnoli Park in Providence, RI.

Sarah Parr on stage with L’Esperance at Fargnoli Park in Providence, RI.

Jess Dettmann performing with L'Esperance at Maguire's Irish Pub in Falmouth, MA.

Jess Dettmann performing with L’Esperance at Maguire’s Irish Pub in Falmouth, MA.

Each week you’ll learn a new scale and a new traditional tune from the Folk, Contradance or Celtic repertoire. Several of the lessons feature well known holiday classics.

Our philosophy is simple, these exercises are designed to give you 90% of the benefit with 10% of the work. And most important, we make music because we like to. Practice when you want to. Certainly, you’ll get better faster if you practice three or four hours a day. But you’ll make steady progress if you can get in two or three good practices a week and in the beginning half an hour or 45 minutes is plenty. If your practice sessions are longer and you play every day so much the better, but a moderate practice schedule will still give you good results.

We welcome your comments. Visit Try Your Pluck, or call Josh Bell at 401-345-6930, if you would like to arrange a free one-on-one mandolin lesson, sponsored by L’Esperance and the Knapp Music School in Wakefield, RI.

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