Michael Cappelli performing with L'Esperance at Liam Maguire's Irish Pub in Falmouth, MA.

Michael Cappelli performing with L’Esperance at Liam Maguire’s Irish Pub in Falmouth, MA.

The third form is less common than forms one and two, but it’s still an important finger shape to master. It’s frequently used in minor keys and in the keys of C and F.

In this example, played on the D and A strings, you’ll see two flats that move the notes played with the first finger to the fret. In addition because there are no sharps in the key signature, the second finger plays on the third fret, while the third finger plays on the fifth fret.

Third Form Scales D-A (printable)

Moll Ha’Penny is an old Irish tune with about dozen names, including Poll Ha’Penny and Her Long Dark Hair Curling Down Her Back.

Moll Hapenny Her Golden Hair Was Curling Down 3-3 k-Bb (playable)

Moll Hapenny Her Golden Hair Was Curling Down 3-3 k-Bb (printable)

Rathlin Island is a haunting tune evocative of cold foggy mornings on this island located off the northern tip of Ireland.

Rathlin Island 3-3 k-Bb (playable)

Rathlin Island 3-3 k-Bb (printable)

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