Mindy Todd performing with L'Esperance at Liam Maguire's Irish Pub.

Mindy Todd performing with L’Esperance at Liam Maguire’s Irish Pub.

The First and Second Forms are also used on the G-string and the E-string.

In this lesson we’ll re-introduce tunes that you’ve played in Lessons One and Three on different strings.

We’ll start with a review of First Form scales. This time on the G and D strings.

First Form Scales G-D m1 (printable)

After you’ve reviewed the First Form scales on these two new strings, try Boyne Water (also know as Praises of Limerick) in the key of G played on the G-string and D-string. You’ll notice that the fingering is identical to the version you played earlier in the key of D on the D-string and A-string.

Boyne Water 1-1 k-G (printable)

Boyne Water 1-1 k-G (playable)

Next, we’ll look at Lochaber Badger on the A-string and E-string. (We played it before on the D and A strings.) And again, the fingering will be the same, just on different strings. First, review the Second Form scales on the A and E strings.

Second Form Scales A-E m1 (printable)

Then try Lochaber Badger on these new strings.

The Lochaber Badger 2-2 k-A (playable)

The Lochaber Badger 2-2 k-A (printable)

If you’re feeling adventurous, try these new tunes. Lovely Stornoway is a beautiful First Form tune about a town in the Scottish Hebrides, here played on the G and D strings.

Lovely Stornaway m1 K-G (playable)

Lovely Stornaway m1 K-G (printable)

Hunt the Cat is a frisky Second Form tune played on the A and E strings.

Hunt the Cat 2-2 k-A

Hunt the Cat 2-2 k-A

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