Local music store Wakefield Music has a great collection of mandolins and mandolin family instruments for beginning and intermediate players. Periodically I drop in to check out their stock so I can help people choose the right instruments for their needs. Click to print a coupon good for 10% off all mandolins at Wakefield Music.

Currently, Wakefield music has a good mix of new and vintage instruments. The Gold Tone mandola and the Eastman 505 mandolin are excellent instruments for experienced players. The Savannah’s play easily and sound great in a very reasonable price range.

I’ve played all these instruments, taken pictures of them and put together a quick review to help make the instrument buying decision easier.

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This is Eastman MD 505 is extremely good. Richer, louder and better sustain than my 1920s Gibson A-2. An excellent instrument for any player. $695

Almost as good as the Eastman, for about a third of the price. Several of my students have Savannah’s and are really happy with them. $225 This one sold on Monday, but they expect to get more in.

Great action and playability. Very sweet in the upper register. Can’t believe he’s asking so little for it. $99

Balanced tone excellent action PLUS it comes with a pick guard. A great first instrument. $169

This ovation is completely clean. Perfectly set up. Nice full acoustic tone. Rich sweet and natural voice when it’s plugged in. New this instrument went for $1200. Now only $329

These resonator mandolins were popular in 20s and 30s. Very sweet sound and a great look. Price might be negotiable on this unusual instrument. Asking $400

With a 17″ string length this tenor mandola has a warm powerful c string. Really good action plays easily with mandolin fingering. A VERY good mandola compared to my $3500 Gibson. $650

A nice crossover between a tenor mandola and a mandocello. With a 23″ string length it has a really rich G string and great tone on the D A and E. A super instrument for playing Celtic and contradance tunes in a deeper register.$725