L’Esperance Mandolin Ensemble is proud to announce the release of our new CD: Uisge Beatha — Water of Life. Uisge Beatha features songs and composition from Celtic and British folk traditions.

We’re grateful to the Blackstone River Theatre for providing us with their beautiful space for this concert. Tickets are available at the door for $20 the day of the show.
Click the link for online tickets at $15.

For centuries composers have incorporated folk tunes into their own music. Byrd and Beethoven, Vivaldi and Dvorak, Grieg and Grainger, and contemporary composers like Steven Antonelli, Michael Mayerfeld Bell, and Jim Dalton, featured on this CD, have drawn from traditional melodies for inspiration for their music. With Uisge Beatha, L’Esperance Mandolin Ensemble celebrates that intersection between traditional and classical music. For us, making music is an intoxicating joy, an opportunity to gather and create music together. And as lovers of both the energy and passion of traditional music and the rich harmonic and rhythmic potential of classical music, L’Esperance showcases music from folk revivals going back hundreds of years and into the present.

This concert will be a memorial concert for Yvette Cote, gifted mandolinist and beloved friend, who died last month at 94. Yvette has performed with us for 30 years and is featured on this CD, her last musical gift to us. Help us celebrate the life of a beautiful woman and an extraordinary spirit.

L’Esperance welcomes new musicians. Call us or email us if you’re looking for a chance to make music with us. Josh@lesperancemandolin.com or 401-345-6930.