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Parking at Sprout 166 Valley Street Providence

Enigmatica and L’Esperance are appearing together for the first time May 19 at Sprout, at 166 Valley Street in Providence in a benefit concert for Providence’s Gallery Night. Sprout is an exciting new co-working space in Providence with a great performance space and hundreds of well lit free parking spaces.

“The sound of Enigmatica can be described as sparkling, effervescent, fluid, precise, and joyous.” – Mandolin Magazine

Enigmatica is a New England-based mandolin ensemble directed by Marilynn Mair. Part chamber orchestra and part plucked-string double-quartet, Their repertoire includes Baroque music by Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, and Purcell; Brazilian music by Villa-Lobos, Jacob do Bandolim, and Pixinguinha; 20th-century music by Stravinsky and Shostakovich; and recent music of composers Will Ayton, Jim Dalton, and Radim Zenkl.

L’Esperance features musicians from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York and Connecticut of different backgrounds and ages who come together to enjoy making music with each other. Since 1994, l’Esperance has been sharing that joy with audiences around New England. L’Esperance’s music ranges from classical to contemporary, from Celtic to Klezmer, from rock standards to Baroque.

Together, Enigmatica and L’Esperance offer a diverse evening of mandolin magic featuring classical compositions by J.S. Bach, Pietro Mascagnani and Modeste Moussorgsky, world music by Ernesto Nazareth and Jim Dalton and contemporary works for mandolin by Will Ayton, Steven Antonelli, Jason Beals and Michael Bell.

Want to make music with us? L’Esperance gathers Saturday mornings at 9:00 at the Church of the Mediator. Call 401-345-6930 or email us at josh@lesperancemandolin.com for more information or to arrange a free Try Your Pluck Mandolin Lesson.