L’Esperance Mandolin Ensemble and the Courthouse Center for the Arts are offering a spectacular program featuring interpretations of Celtic music from the past 400 years to the present. Composers that we usually think of as straight-laced classical composers have been fascinated with Celtic traditional music.

If you haven’t been there before, the Courthouse Center for the Arts is one of the best places in Rhode Island to hear live, unplugged sound. A crystal clear room, with comfortable seating and a great view of the musicians. Not to mention a ton of free parking around the Courthouse.

Proceeds from the concert will support the Courthouse’s programs for differently abled adults and children. In addition, canned goods donations for the Johnnycake Center will be much appreciated. This great organization provides food and support for disadvantaged families in Southern Rhode Island. This concert is a 1of52.net event, seeking an end to hunger through partnership with the arts.

For centuries, composers from Beethoven to Vivaldi, from Holst to Mendelssohn, from Peter Warlock to Edward German and numerous contemporary composers have been inspired by the genuine music of people around them.

Our program will feature William Byrd’s version of Sellinger’s Rownde from the 1600s, Antonio Vivaldi’s La Folia from the 1700s, Beethoven’s version of the well known St. Patrick’s March from the 1800s, Percy Grainger’s Molly on the Shore from the early 1900s and contemporary compositions from Steven Antonelli, Jim Dalton and Michael Bell.

L’Esperance features musicians musicians from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York and Connecticut of different backgrounds and ages who come together to enjoy the pleasure of making music with each other. Since 1994, l’Esperance has been sharing that joy with audiences around New England. Our music ranges from classical to contemporary, from Celtic to Klezmer, from rock standards to Baroque.

Our program at the Courthouse Center for the Arts features Celtic selections from Edward German, Ludwig von Beethoven, William Byrd, and contemporary composers from our recent CD Water of Life.

L’Esperance gathers Saturday mornings at the the Church of the Mediator in Providence. Call 401-345-6930 or email us at josh@lesperancemandolin.com for more information or to arrange a free Try Your Pluck Mandolin Lesson.